Boy Scouts of America Troup 152 Computers Merit Badge

Welcome to this terse WWW site to help with the Computers Merit Badge for Boy Scouts. To make use of this site you may want to brush up on your skills with Web Browsers and Browsing. Below are the major categories and some details about earning this badge. Note that for part of the work it is appropriate to use a roster of patrols, available here in both PDF and Word (Office 97) forms.

Logistics of Meetings

Requirements for Badge

Requirements with: Information and Steps to Accomplish Each:
  1. Requirement 1
  2. Requirement 2
  3. Requirement 3
  4. Requirement 4
  5. Requirement 5
  6. Requirement 6
  7. Requirement 7
  8. Requirement 8
  9. Requirement 9

Resources / Information

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