Boy Scouts of America Troup 152 Computing Merit Badge Requirement 9

Below is an approximate summary of requirement 9. Be sure to check the official set of requirements in effect.

Requirement 9: Describe several ways in which you and your family could use a personal computer other than for games and recreation.

Give your counselor a 1 page explanation. Discuss at least 3 non-recreational ways you can use personal computers.

Computers can be used in many ways. Talk with the counselor about something you are interested in and see if there is a match between your interest and some application of computers.

Below are some examples of a general nature. Study at least 3 or others that the counselor approves.

  1. Finding a person so you can contact them by email or phone
  2. Finding a book in a library
  3. Getting and reading electronic books
  4. Chatting with someone
  5. Internet telephoning
  6. Publishing (on WWW)
  7. Programming (e.g., applications using free program code)