Boy Scouts of America Troup 152 Computing Merit Badge Requirement 4

Below is an approximate summary of requirement 4. Be sure to check the official set of requirements in effect.

Requirement 4: Do 3 of the following:

  1. Use a database manager to create a troop roster, providing name, rank, patrol, and telephone number of each Scout. Sort the register by rank, by patrol, and alphabetically by name.
  2. Use a spreadsheet program to develop a weekend campout food budget for your patrol.
  3. Use a word processor to write a letter to parents of your troop's Scouts, inviting them to a court of honor. Use the mail merge feature to make a personalized copy of the letter for each family.
  4. Use a computer graphics program to design and draw a camp-site plan for your troop.

This calls for a little reading and then a lot of doing, with assistance by the counselors. Show each part that you accomplish to the counselor to get checked off.

Please start by reading a short online introduction to the common applications involved.

You can learn more about word processing.

You might also look at a related online course.