Reiki WWW Pages (by Ed Fox at Virginia Tech)

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) deals with attunement to spiritual consciousness (rei) and life energy (ki).

Reiki involves laying-on of hands or related work with the human energy field (e.g., acu-points, meridians, chakras, aura), aimed to promote healing and/or spiritual development.

Traditional Usui Reiki derives from the work of Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist, who lived 1865-1926.

The following selections from the WWW point to some key sources of information about these practices.

If you want to learn to practice Reiki (which like tai chi does not require any specific religious belief), see my page on learning Reiki. In particular, see the slides for my Level I Reiki class. I am happy to help with free attunements, in person or remotely, if you contact me.

If you are connected with Virginia Tech, or are in the area of Blacksburg, Virginia, USA, you are encouraged to attend any of the weekly meetings of the Virginia Tech Reiki Club, where there is free training as well as help with healing issues (pain or other physical/emotional/mental difficulties). These meetings also are listed among the Tong Ren Therapy Guinea Pig classes that are held worldwide. Some are listed by Tom Tam, who developed the method. For more infomation, see about the VT Tong Ren activities.

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