Open Archives: Communities, Interoperability and Services
Workshop for ACM SIGIR 2001
9-13 September 2001, New Orleans, USA

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The Open Archives Initiative ( develops and promotes standards that aim to facilitate efficient dissemination of content. Its goal is to to serve communities wishing to share any type of information by ensuring interoperability and componentized, layered services. OAI was launched in October 1999 to provide a forum to discuss and solve problems of interoperability, initially among author self-archiving solutions. Now OAI aims to support all archives, both those focused on e-prints (e.g., preprints and reprints, often connected with journals and conferences) and those representing a wide variety of other content types (e.g., theses and dissertations, Web log files, and educational resources). The emphasis has been on allowing harvesting of metadata that describes diverse "records" of content, stored in managed repositories.

This workshop will allow those involved in the OAI, and those wishing to become involved, to extend the Initiative through sharing of technology, description and demonstration of services, and community-based discussion of conventions that ensure interoperability. The workshop will include an introduction to OAI and provide technology sharing and community building opportunities. Groups of people interested in applying OAI through collaborative, federated, and distributed activities are encouraged to use this workshop as a way to plan their future coordinated work in connection with OAI.

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