Open Archives: Communities, Interoperability and Services

Workshop Program

8:00am Registration

8:30am Session One - Introduction to the Open Archives Initiative

10:00am Break

10:30am Session Two - Technical Details

12:00pm Lunch

1:30pm Session Three - Concurrent Group Discussions

Group 1. Building Communities 2. Technical Services
Chair Edward Fox, VT Hussein Suleman, VT
Focus Applicability of OAI to community building, how the OAI standards can be used to support distributed communities and what community support is needed to leverage OAI standards Evaluation of technical standards and current and future directions of standards and services related to the OAI protocol
Topics Support for different types of communities:
  • ETDs
  • Courseware
  • Libraries
  • Southern History and Culture
Developments that contribute towards building communities:
  • Metadata standards that are richer than DC
  • Adaptation of workflow models to different communities
  • Development of controlled vocabularies and thesauri
  • Personal OAI (e.g., Kepler) vs. group-based OAI (e.g., E-Prints)
  • Definition of community-specific selective harvesting mechanisms e.g. sets
Community building:
  • Social aspects of developing OAI-based community projects
Protocol evaluation:
  • Experiences from implementation
  • Efficiency
  • Support for internationalization
  • Correctness of implementations: XML, character sets, etc.
  • Changes that could be suggested to improve on the protocol: date granularity, sets for each identifier, etc.
  • Complementary protocols to satisfy existing/future needs
Services enabled by the OAI protocol:
  • What is the state of the art in service provision ?
  • How can the OAI protocol be leveraged to provide more interesting services ?
  • Support for full-text retrieval
Support for protocol adoption:
  • What technical support is necessary to support protocol adoption ?
  • Controlled vocabularies: rights management
  • Replication for high-visibility archives

3:30pm Break

3:50pm Session Four - Presentations

4:20pm Session Five - Moving Forward

Last updated : 26 August 2001