WADL 2018 homepage

Web Archiving and Digital Libraries
Workshop at JCDL 2018 (http://2018.jcdl.org)
Fort Worth, TX, USA

Please see the approved WADL 2018 workshop proposal.

Please also see last year's WADL 2017 homepage and the homepage of the 2016 edition of WADL. That workshop led in part to a special issue of International Journal on Digital Libraries.
We fully intend to publish a very similar IJDL issue based on WADL 2018 contributions.

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Featured Talk: TBD

Wednesday, June 6, 10:30am-5pm

Time Activity, Presenters/Authors Title of Presentation
10:30 Welcome, Introductions Everyone speaks!
04:30 Closing discussion Plans for future activities and collaborations


The 2018 edition of the Workshop on Web Archiving and Digital Libraries (WADL) will explore the integration of Web archiving and digital libraries. The workshop aims at addressing aspects covering the entire life cycle of digital resources and will also explore areas such as community building and ethical questions around Web archiving.

In addition, the chairs will initiate the workshop proceedings being published in a special issue of IEEE TCDL Bulletin.

WADL 2018 will cover all topics of interest, including but not limited to:

Archival Metadata, Description, Classification

Archival Standards, Protocols, Systems, and Tools

Collection Building

Community Building

Crawling of Dynamic and Mobile Content

Discovery of Archived Resources

Diversity in Web Archives

Ethics in Web Archiving

Extraction and Analysis of Archival Records

Focused Crawling

Social Media Archiving

Special Event Archiving


Workshop Co-chairs:

Program Committee: TBD

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