WADL 2017

Web Archiving and Digital Libraries
JCDL 2017 (http://2017.jcdl.org), Toronto, Canada; 6/22-6/23 Workshop

Please see approved workshop proposal at: http://fox.cs.vt.edu/WADLjcdl17.pdf

Please see last year's WADL 2016 webpage. That workshop led in part to a special issue of International Journal on Digital Libraries. There might be another similar issue partially based on WADL 2017.

Featured Talk: Ashley Sands, Senior Library Program Officer, Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), USA: National Digital Program (NDP), funding opportunities, and examples of currently funded projects

Submissions (please provide contact and supporting info in <= 1 page):


Archiving (events)

Big data

Classification, clustering

Client/proxy/server side collecting

Crawling (focused)

Curation, quality control

Databases / collections (of webpages)


Extraction & analysis

Filling gaps

Globalization, languages

Social sciences

Linking archives


Mobile devices

Network science


Resource description

Standards, protocols

Systems, tools

Tweet collections and connections


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Program Committee:

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