Internet Technology Innovation Center (TIC) Helpful Pointers
by Ed Fox,, version 3/21/2000

Technology Innovation Center (TIC) pages

  1. Internet Technology Innovation Center (TIC)
  2. Internet Technology Innovation Center (TIC) @ VT
  3. VIT '2000 Conference
  4. VIT '1999 Conference
  5. Virginia's Center for Innovative Technlogy
  6. Digital Library Research Laboratory
  7. Ed Fox Home Page

VT Courseware pages

  1. VT Computer Science Courses
  2. CS1604, Introduction to the Internet
  3. CS4624, Multimedia, Hypertext and Information Access (e.g., SGML and XML)
  4. CS5604, Information Storage and Retrieval
  5. Digital Libraries - Self-Study
  6. CS4244: The World Wide Web -- The Underlying Technology
  7. CS6204: The World-Wide Web: Beyond the Basics
  8. Electronic Campus of Virginia

Lab/Center pages (selected)

  1. VT Network Research Group
  2. W3C Web Characterization Repository
  4. InterCom (Internet Commerce - UVA)
  5. SEVAnet (Southeastern Virginia Regional Network) and VECTEC (Virginia Electronic Commerce Technology Center)

Services pages (selected)

  1. IBM e-business
  2. Oracle E-Business Suite
  3. eBusiness Solutions at Arthur Andersen
  4. Utah Digital Signature Act (1995)

e-commerce tutorial pages (selected)

  1. Finding Your Way Around E-commerce
  2. Electronic Commerce Tutorial
  3. E-Commerce Tutorial
  4. E-Commerce Tutorial - setting up store, catalog on Internet
  5. E-Commerce Research Room
  6. Security Focus
  7. SANS Institute Online
  8. National Infrastructure Protection Center
  9. SSH Communications
  10. Datafellows

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