IBM Renaissance Consortium Meeting Fall 1997


Pre-Conference Event

Honors 3004, Digital Libraries, meets 3-5pm in McBryde Hall Room 104c (the back room in the 104 complex, a decision support room, where the Wednesday morning session will take place too). Those arriving early for the conference are invited to attend the discussion. Bob Mack, from IBM T. J. Watson Research, will lead the class. His focus will be on human-computer interaction (HCI) and about IBM R&D projects in constructing and applying aspects of digital library technology.

Post-Conference Event

The Network Research Group (funded by NSF to explore WWW and digital library network performance issues, including proxy servers, user workload characterization, etc.) meets in McB 607 from 11-1pm each Wednesday. After the conference closes, participants are invited to go upstairs to McB 607 to join in the discussion about digital library performance issues.