Directions to Visit Blacksburg, VA

Blacksburg Area

Blacksburg is a pretty area, with the Mountain Lake resort hotel about half an hour away (540/951-1819). The Jefferson National Forest is nearby, as is the New River, so there are ample hiking, white water, and scenic touring opportunities if you wish to turn a visit into a mini vacation.

VT Directions

Please see online location information about Virginia Tech.


Lodging can be obtained at the Four Points Hotel (Sheraton), 540/552-7001, at 900 Prices Fork Road) or at Virginia Tech's Donaldson Brown Hotel and Conference Center (DBHCC --- call 540/231-8000 or 1-877-200-3360 for reservations). The Sheraton is across the road from campus, and the DBHCC is on campus. Many like a bed and breakfast close to campus: The Clay Corner Inn, +1-540-953-2604, 401 Clay St. SW, Blacksburg. Information about other lodging opportunities can be found from the Chamber of Commerce web site or at +1-540-382-4010. See also the Blacksburg Electronic Village Visitor's Center.

Roanoke Airport

The nearest airport is Roanoke. Travel time from Roanoke airport is approximately 40 minutes. Renting a car is the best plan unless you make other arrangements in advance.

Driving Directions

Driving to Blacksburg is generally by way of Interstate 81. This is the case if you are coming from Roanoke airport or from further north (e.g., Charlottesville, Lynchburg, Richmond, Washington), or are coming up from the south (e.g., Charlotte, Greensboro).

Take Exit 118B, near Christiansburg, that is labelled with "Blacksburg" and "Virginia Tech". Follow signs to Blacksburg, proceeding along Highway 460 West. There are many interchanges and turns, so don't get distracted!

There are 4 exits into Blacksburg that are relevant.

  1. Southgate Drive, which is Rt. 314: This leads to the Computing Center, the football stadium, and other sports-related locations. If you want to park on campus during the day: After you turn right onto Southgate Drive, you will see a small building on the right which is the Visitor Information Center. Park in front of it, go in, and ask for a visitor parking permit. That will allow you to park in any legal parking spot on campus that is open for faculty or staff. There is a map there, so you can plot your route thereafter, or go back to 460 West and take another exit, as discussed below.
  2. Downtown (for Four Points Sheraton, McBryde, Donaldson Brown, Clay Corner): This is right before the exit labeled "Prices Fork" which you don't want. If you take the Downtown exit, the Four Points will be on your left after a few stop lights. Several stop lights later, you can turn right onto Stanger Street and proceed up a slight hill, with parking lots on either side of you, to get to McBryde Hall, on the right, at the corner of Stanger and Turner. You will probably find parking before it, on the left. Assuming you have a Visitor Parking Permit, you can park in any legal spot, suitable for faculty, staff, or student parking. Once you get to McBryde, you can walk lots of stairs, going to the top of the stairwell at the corner of Stanger and Turner and then continuing to walk straight to find my office near the end of the hall on the left, McB 606. Or you can walk along toward my office, but turn right beforehand and then left, placing you in nearly the middle of the building, for the CS office, McB 660. If you prefer elevators, you can enter at the corner of Stanger and Turner, go up a half-flight to the 2nd floor, continue walking straight almost till you reach an exit, turn right and walk along to the middle of the building, turning right again to find the elevators. The CS office is right near the elevators.
    If you want Donaldson Brown or Clay Corner, continue on Prices Fork till you reach a T intersection, and then turn right at the light onto Main Street going south. Follow the directions for your lodging place - they are both less than a mile away.
  3. Toms Creek: To get to my home, turn right onto Toms Creek Road. Immediately after turning right, turn left onto Givens Lane. This will loop around, so go slowly, since the speed limit is 25 mph. After you see a laundromat on the right you'll see the first road on the left, and then you should take the next road, thus turning left onto Carroll Road. Go part way down the hill and take the first right, onto Craig Drive. Follow this around and up the hill to the top. We are in a white house with blue shutters, on the right just before the cul de sac, 203 Craig, 540/552-8667. My cell phone is 540/230-6266 in case you have problems reaching me.
  4. North Main Street: At this point, turn right and proceed south on Main Street going back toward the main part of Blacksburg. If you want to visit the Fox home follow N. Main to Givens Lane. Turn right on Givens. Continue past stop sign where Whipple intersects from left. Continue on Givens to Carroll on right. Take right onto Carroll and then first right onto Craig. See above for more details.
    If you want Donaldson Brown or Clay Corner, continue into the middle of town, about 2 miles, and follow the directions from your place of lodging.
    If you want the Four Points or McBryde, go almost to the middle of town, and turn right at the light onto Prices Fork; follow directions above in reverse.