Extending Interoperability of Digital Libraries: Building on the Open Archives Initiative

Position Statements:

If you are attending the OAi workshop (W5 of DL'2000/HT'2000), please submit a position statement of not more than 1000 words, to be included as part of the proceedings of the workshop. For those who have not yet drafted such a document, please consider the following list of broad topics on which there will be discussion at the workshop - comments that you make in relation to these can be used as starting points for the relevant discussions. Feel free to send a separate position statement on more than one of these topics if you have particular interest.

Online Submission of Position Statement

Thank you for your interest - the workshop has already taken place so no new submissions will be accepted.

Send any queries to hussein@vt.edu or fox@vt.edu
Last updated : 24 June 2000