Extending Interoperability of Digital Libraries:
Building on the Open Archives Initiative,
Workshop for
ACM Hypertext'2000 and ACM Digital Libraries'2000,
June 3, 2000, San Antonio

Please apply to fox@vt.edu if you are interested in attending this workshop.

For background on Open Archives Initiative and the conferences that are sponsoring the workshop, see


full-day, with attendees encouraged to attend both parts but possibility of attending either morning or afternoon


This will be an open meeting with selection of participants based on:

  1. an email proposal of not more than 1000 words (half on what a person can contribute to the meeting topics and half on their background/prior work) to fox@vt.edu; and
  2. on prior or planned involvement in the Open Archives Initiative.

We expect 20-40 participants. The following attended the Santa Fe meeting and will be encouraged to join this workshop as well:


The Open Archives initiative has been set up to create a forum to discuss and solve matters of interoperability between author self-archiving solutions, as a way to promote their global acceptance.

This workshop will continue and extend the work of the first meeting of the initiative, that was held October 21-22, 1999 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

Purpose and Goals:

Expected Outcomes:

Relevance to the Field:


Topical Outline: