Fox's Statement -
Revised based on workshop participant statements


Characterize, empower, and provide individualized support for (all WWW) users --- handling differences in:
Support complex needs:
Study, characterize, generalize and formalize ways to handle: while with
Develop a model or model framework for supporting users' information needs which:


DL-Eval Effort:
Capitalize on the interest in Internet and WWW to connect searching work with closely related areas:

Call for a new NSF Office / program to solve WWW problems with publishing, search, navigation, browsing, interfaces, collaboration, and scale-up.

Improved Architectures/Protocols:
Leverage lessons learned from Tipster, TREC, DLI and related efforts --- to specify and maybe even standardize on:

that will enable various groups each to focus on building an agent or module that will later fit into the larger client/server search framework (with interoperability and interchange designed in), probably with a focus on hybrid / combined approaches.