CS4624 Labs

Lab 1 - Orientation
Lab 2 - Introduction
Lab 3 - end of Unit IN
Lab 4 - start of Unit CR
Lab 5 - for Unit MC
Lab 6 - for Unit NC

Note: see details for all units in the course Outline.

Computing Center lab hours for Computing Center supervision are:
M-Th 6-midnight
Sat 11am-4:40pm
Sun 4-midnight.

During the week, the lab is open other times for various classes.
The phone number there is x16162.

The GTA will have office hours there Fri 9-11am.

For emergency help, contact Computing Center staff 9-5:
Rob Dickert x14810 rdickert@vt.edu pager 953-4311
Joe VanDyke x14225 jvandyke@vt.edu mrfixit@vtvm1 pager 953-4175 or 4044?

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