NSF WWW Workshop, Fox Position Paper: Specific Suggestions, Hyper-G

The Hyper-G system, funded by the Austrians, has many technical advantages over the commonly used WWW and Mosaic services, e.g.,:

  1. viewers for text, images, and movies that are sensitive to links and anchors inside "documents";
  2. indexing automatically applied when documents are added so that searching is integrated with browsing;
  3. hierarchical browsing option for Hyper-G portions of the WWW;
  4. caching by local servers that eliminates the need for clients to repeatedly connect to distant servers;
  5. "live" mode that gives progressive display of images and movies to facilitate browsing and that allows cancelling of slow "get" operations;
  6. multilingual document and interface support;
  7. presentation of any SGML document (as opposed to just HTML documents);
  8. searching on collections or subcollections, and on content;
  9. a distributed OODB for links and metadata;
  10. support for personal or group views or "webs" that allow multiple different sets of links "above" a document collection, even links between anchors that are added to read-only document pairs, through the link database; and
  11. notification and automatic removal of a link from the link database when either the source or target document is deleted.