Digital Libraries '99
The Fourth ACM Conference on
Digital Libraries

Sponsored by ACM SIGIR and SIGWEB

University of California, Berkeley
August 11-14, 1999

Submission Instructions



Papers for DL'99 should be submitted by the end of the deadline day (midnight EST), as specified in the Call.


For the ACM Digital Library, submissions are collected either in PDF (Portable Document Format) or PostScript, so we will follow their practice. Yet, not everyone is familiar with PDF, and sometimes PostScript files are not portable (one reason why Adobe developed PDF). Accordingly, we provide the following guidance regarding DL'99 submissions:
  1. The preferred format is PDF. It is likely that your institution will have Adobe Acrobat tools available, that can run on UNIX, Macintosh or Windows systems. Many bookstores carry the software for about $45 in case you wish to have your own copy. Alternatively, the latest version of ghostscript can prepare PDF files.
  2. If you submit using CoRR (see below), LaTeX will be automatically converted to PDF for you. Indeed, CoRR rejects all PDF or Postscript files that were generated from Latex, so you must provide LaTeX if that is what you originally prepared. Conversion by CoRR from PostScript to PDF also will occur, if the files can be handled by Adobe Distiller.
  3. You may submit PostScript, but must do so in a way that the Program Chair can convert to PDF. You are responsible for making sure that a readable/usable file is received, but the Program Chair will try to be helpful if there are problems.
  4. In extenuating circumstances, the Program Chair may agree to other arrangements, e.g., accepting Word or RTF.

Notification of Submission

Once your paper is submitted according to one of the methods listed below, send an email message to the Program Chair ( with
DL99 paper submission
on the Subject line and six lines in the body containing exactly the following information:
  • URL or other indicator of paper location (see below)
  • Type of paper (i.e., Research Paper, Policy Paper, or System Paper)
  • Email address of contact person responsible for paper
  • Title of paper
  • Names of author(s) of paper
  • List of topical areas (see Call) covered in paper

Submission Methods

There are 3 methods of submission. The second is recommended, but some may prefer the other alternatives.
  1. NOTE: Many have trouble with CoRR, so you may want to use the 2nd approach, given below, that appears much easier for people.
    CoRR is the online repository for computing preprints and reports, which has been established in part through support from ACM and NCSTRL. We hope that all in the digital libraries field will regularly use CoRR for their reports and preprints, and encourage their associates to do likewise. Consequently, we recommend that you submit your paper to CoRR. Then, in the email message explained above, give the location of your submission in CoRR. For your protection, make no mention of submission to DL'99 in the paper. We hope that you will thus share your research with the community, regardless of whether it later is accepted for DL'99. The process with CoRR is as follows:
    1. Prepare your submission according to the instructions on the Call.
    2. If you work with LaTeX, CoRR will accept your LaTeX source and produce PDF.
    3. If you have not yet submitted to CoRR, you should register as an author:
    4. To make your submission, use the form at
      • When you fill in the form, use cs (computer science) for line 5 as the default submission archive.
      • When you fill in the form, use DL (digital libraries) for line 6 as the default subj-class; Michael Lesk handles these and is expecting an influx.
    5. If you have any trouble, consult the help about uploads.
    6. If you have any problems submitting to CoRR, contact for assistance.
  2. In connection with the Computer Science Teaching Center (CSTC) project, funded by NSF and ACM, an automated submission and review system has been developed. You can use this system alone, since it allows entry of metadata (eliminating the need for the email msg listed above under Notification of Submission, though you can send that too if you like), and uploading of your file(s). This will simplify processing by the Program Committee, but reduces the sharing of research results that occurs through CoRR. Note that if you do use CoRR, you can use this system too, simply entering the CoRR URL into the optional URL field instead of uploading files. All papers submitted for review through the CSTC software will be kept secret during the review process, and will be deleted thereafter.
  3. If there are objections to, or problems with, the above mechanisms you may contact the Program Chair at to work out special arrangements such as submission by email.
DL '99 Submission Instructions. Last modified 12/21/98.
Special thanks to Marti Hearst for designing the SIGIR'99 WWW pages, that were adapted for DL'99!