VT ACM Chapter Presentation by Professor Fox (updated)

Brief Bio

  1. Married, 4 sons, 3 grandsons, 1 granddaughter, at VT CS since 1983
  2. MIT ugrad, Cornell grad
  3. Lived in NY, MA, SC, Nigeria; visited over 30 countries
  4. Member of CRA Board; Executive Director NDLTD
  5. Adviser for VT Reiki Club, Wed 5:30-8:00pm in Torg 1030
  6. Moderator for Virginia Tech Computer Science group at LinkedIn


  1. CS4624: Multimedia, Hypertext, and Information Access
  2. CS5604: Information Storage and Retrieval
  3. CS6604: Digital Libraries


  1. CINET Middleware for Network Science: Clouds, Digital Libraries
  2. CTRnet: Crisis, Tragedy, and Recovery Network
  3. Ensemble: Computing Portal for Educational Resources
  4. Fingerprints: NIJ grant on sufficiency; BAE grant on training


  1. Computational Linguistics courseware for 2014 - fox at vt.edu
  2. Classifying Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ML: Venkat Srinivasan, svenkat at vt.edu)
  3. e-Science with Digital Libraries (S.M.Shamimul Hasan - shasan2 at vt.edu, Spencer Lee - zamfir at vt.edu, Sherif H. Elmeligy - sherief at vt.edu)
  4. Extracting References from ETDs and other Documents (Text Extraction: Sung Hee Park, shpark at vt.edu)
  5. Qatar Digital Library Institute (MT, NLP: Tarek Kanan, tarekk at vt.edu)
  6. Topic Identification and Ontologies (Web Knowledge: Seungwon Yang, seungwon at vt.edu)
  7. Any of our projects - visit 2030 Torg., Digital Library Research Lab

Author: Edward A. Fox
Office: 2160G Torgersen Hall, 231-5113
Last Updated: 2012/10/29
Email: Please send comments and suggestions to: fox@vt.edu
(c) Copyright 2011-2012 Edward A. Fox

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